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Golden Swift Logo

Golden Swift is based in Myanmar and mainly their business runs services for Gold, Silver Rolling & Jewelery Polishing Services. A friend of mine introduced me with this client and they came to see me during their visit to Bangkok for developing the new idea for logo design. As you see there are many business logos related to Swift and Swallow birds are similar each other. After talking a few hours I decided to do leap frog design for their logo to be looked like a Swift but more abstract. There will be “g” and “S” to make more meaningful to their name “Golden Swift” inside the body of a abstract bird “swift”. It’s hard to see buy I want you to know what is the meaning of leap frog logo design.


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Eastern United Logo

I had done this logo a few months ago. The client is from Singapore and they wanted me to do as much as I could for what they wanted to have according to their company members’ idea. I made a sketch on the paper and showed them back a mock up 2 days later. They liked the mock up and so I put some colors on it to become a final one.


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Happy New Year 2010 Wallpaper

I just made this one today. We all are concerned about Global Warming, Melting ice caps from the poles and warming in the winters become going on nowadays. But most people are horribly unaware of the effects that global warming will have on human health. Food shortages, contaminated water, extreme weather, and deadly heat threaten the world because of the warming temperatures of our earth. The effects of these can be seen daily in our life in the news and their influence will be magnified in the not-so-distant future. But the most dangerous threat we face from global warming is the spread of disease. The diseases we never heard before are spreading all over the world and killing millions of people in the past decade.


If you really think that you are also concerned for it please do something to stop or control as much as you can for our new generations to celebrate the very next New Years. Here is a wallpaper for you to download and set as your computer’s wallpaper. Whenever you open your computer and see the wallpaper I hope you can do at least something for our new generations.


Click the available wallpaper sizes for you

Happy New Year 2010 (Resolution: 1280 x 800)

Burmese Beauties

I love kids and like to take their charming photos. The best experience I want to get is to grasp the best emotion. It is very difficult to ask a kid for acting, posing and emotional feeling. Some of them will get scared of you and some will be very friendly like closed friends. Some kids are really smart like Hollywood stars. You don’t even need to ask twice for what you want to have in your mind. I took those photos at Kyite Htee Yoe stupa, Mon State, Myanmar (Burma). The names I could recall are Aye Moe Myat and Su Myat Htet.


The girl in the photo with the caption of “A Cute Girl” is Su Myat Htet’s sister. She is lovely and cute. I asked her whether she could act for that post and then she replied me immediately “Yes” for that shot.


Aye Moe Myat was the smart kid I had ever seen in my life. I saw her while heading to my room at Kyaik Hto hotel. She seemed so familiar to the camera like a professional model. I requested her for a few shot and all shot I took were better than what I expected in 3 minutes. Later, I got contact with her uncle and parents while having lunch at the hotel.

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HiSo, Another URL Shortening MeMe


I spent three to four days for Icon concept and this web design. You can ask me what about Hiso? Yes, is a service that shorten URLs. It is very useful when sharing long urls for email, forums, blogs or twitter etc.

You can visit to and make your long URL to be short one.

Apple Toaster Wallpaper and PNG Download



Apple Toaster Wallpaper ( Screen Resolution 1680 x 1050 )
Apple Toaster Wallpaper ( Screen Resolution 1280 x 800 )
Apple Toaster Wallpaper ( Screen Resolution 1024 x 768 )
Apple Toaster PNG (256 x 256 )
Apple Toaster PNG ( 128 x 128 )

iPhone & iPod Touch Wallpaper : Apple Toast Wallpaper for iPhone & iPod Touch

Apple Toaster

While I was working on a web design yesterday (July 23, 2009) in the middle of the night I got an idea while looking at a piece of bread near my mouse pad. Since I met Apple I love most of the designs especially to Apple’s clean and cute Industrial designs. I love Apple and I love to work in Apple’s design team as a dream in my life. No matter what people say like “it’s crazy” but I can say “I am crazy for the Art, Design and Technology everyday and all idea is in my ten gallon head.

I used Adobe Illustrator for outlines and played a series of effects in Adobe Photoshop. I played mostly in gradient effects, shadows and transparency controls at layers. It took me until dawn and I was so sleepy today but I am Happy. What I used to say is “Look N’ Feel”.

Ye Lwin Oo (or) William is in Old Film – Behind The Scene

This is the very old retouched picture from summer 2007. Ye Lwin Oo,, the guy in the picture asked me to make something different to his photo. I knew what he would like to see after the talks. I had done so far before and he knew what I could do for him. It doesn’t mean “The Crazy” but what I want to say is how much you can change the things different from the previous ones. I used a few hour at Google search for which ones could match each other. I saw many but for the realistic reason I chose a few to put what I wanted to have for the result.

Hence, I would like to show behind the scene. I think you will be surprised when you see the following pictures (what I used to tell is components). Again, I would like to say “it’s not easy and you have to be patient to get better result”.

I used Adobe Photoshop and after spending a few hour I got the following two pictures before going for the final stage. I used various kind of tools like Pen Tool and Lasso for cutting and trimming, Brushes, Healing Brushes, Brightness/Contrast and Hue/Saturation for Tones, Blur Effect, Lighting/Contrast and Skin Color adjustment  and Luminosity, Screen, Color Burn, Linear Light and Color Dodge at Layer manipulation.

The following pictures were recorded in the process.The very first result before going for Luminosity Stage.


Photo: Ye Lwin Oo (a) William
Cowboy: credit to the owner but I lost the Url link
Sheriff Badge:
Smashing Background:

Transformers in Myanmar (Burma) – Behind The Scene

Yesterday, I was boring for working at a Web Design for a couple of days (Date: 16, July, 2009). Suddenly, I got an idea to go for this one. I had never watched Transformers Movies except trailer scenes. I like that movie because of CG Effects especially to Animation. To be honest, I knew I was not good at animation because I had judged myself. Let me continue, I had seen some of the retouching Art works and I knew how LOOK N’ FEEL and fun of retouching the pictures to be more realistic or may be just for fun. I googled some of the photos related to Transformer movies and Myanmar (Burma)’s old type buses.

Hence, I would like to show behind the scene for that image. I found some of the photos and images from Google. Here is the ones I used for that image.

I used Adobe Photoshop and used Pen Tool, Lasso Tools for Trimming and Cutting, Brushes for Re-Touching and putting shading Effects, Hue/Saturation for Color Converting and Tone Adjustment, Some Glow Effects and Gradients to get more realistic. I hope you can have a fun and enjoy for my Re-Touched Graphic Images. Thanks.

Credits to the web sites and Image owners


Robot Chest (Bus):
Bottom Texts:
Transformers’ Texts:

The Portrait of Korean Actress HAN GA IN

I just finished today (June 23, 2009) for this portrait. I challenged against myself to draw a portrait only at Adobe Illustrator. I had done so far by doing this crazy thing. First of all, I got this Actress’s original picture from Google Search (what we used to call it “Google gave it to me”). Again, first, I thought she was “Song Hye Kyo” (Korean Actress) but my girlfriend told me that she was not, she was “Han Ga In”. Anyway, I hit it again.


I used Pen Tool, Gradient, Transparency, Gaussian Blur and Wrap Tool for the tones and hair. The problem I encountered for this portrait was saving time. Because of many layers and huge canvas size (nearly 4000 in width).

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Web Design

Web Design

About thousand of designs including web designs, web application designs and print designs for companies had been created since 2000.
Logo Design

Logo Design

I had done so far for logo designs for companies. Beside that, I liked to do icon creation, So far, all work well.
Cartoon Illustration

Cartoon Illustration

Id like to say that drawing cartoon is part of my life. I love reading and watching cute cartoon as the kids do. I was inspired in crating comic character and hope you love my creations.
Web Design

Portrait (Illustration & Painting)

The good combination of my knowledge in Traditional painting & the technique in software make me a CG artist on the stage of the world well-known
Logo Design

3D, Interior / Architect Design

Though I didnt have too much knowledge about architect, I did learn interior and building structure. Some have been tried in my leisure time.
Cartoon Illustration

2D, Artistic Design

2D, Artistic Designs and Imagination have been born since 2001.
Web Design

Conceptual Design

This is one of my creation and I like to study how new things are came out by applying some modifications.
Logo Design

Step by Step Tutorials

I love to share some of my knowledge to starters and who wants to know some of the technieques in very easy and clear ways.
Cartoon Illustration

Behind the Scene

There's a subculture out there of people who are obssessed with cereal. That's right, they're called "cereal junkies"
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MYO HAN HTUN My name is MYO HAN HTUN. You can call me my nick name "KO TOE". Currently, I'm working as a Web Designer/Systems Administrator in eLearning Courseware Production Center for online eLearning in one of the Universities in Thailand. I want to say "I am no Leonardo Da Vinci" before you are going to continue reading. But I love to say "I want to do all the way what I can do".

Wonder? I didn't attend the ART School and the computer graphic courses that I had studied were Photoshop and Coraldraw at a computer Center. Since I was a child, I became a self-taught how can I say "self study"? I had studied traditional painting especially in Pencil, Water Color and Oil Painting and worked as a Portrait Painter until late 1999.

I studied for bachelor degree in PHYSICS at University of Mandalay Institue in 1996 and finished B.Sc. PHYSICS in late 2002. I started exploring Computer fields in 1999. I attended and studied some of Computer subjects related to Systems Administration and Programming. I worked as a Computer Technician at DCD, a well known IT Company in Myanmar until 2003 before leaving further studies in Compufield, Mumbai, India. Then I studied Systems and Network Courses especially CISCO and earned Diploma in Network Engineering and certified myself as MCSE, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, MCSA, Microsoft Certified Systems Administration and A+ Certified Professional.

Now, I am working as a head of the section of Web Design/Development and Systems Administration for eLearning Courseware Production. Since 2001, I am working with my younger brother, MYO KYAW HTUN for Educational Software Development, Web Design and Web Devlopment in our spare time

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