Myo Han Htun Web Site Design

This is my latest design project. The site owner wanted me to do within a budget plan. After finishing this project. We had received one of the finest recommendation (Testimonial) letters from him.

Design Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Imagestyler and Adobe Photoshop
Web Site Url:
Web Site Developer/ Programmer: MYO KYAW HTUN,
Develop Tools: XHTML, CSS (Tableless), Javascript
Created Date: 2009

Yes, we are very pleased with the design and the quality you performed. Thank you again.

Thanks for your comment. 🙂 😉

Myo Han Htun

i love it. 😀


Very slick design.I am proud of you 🙂

chan minn maung

@ Ko Mg Hla and Chan Minn Maung

Thanks for your comment. I am still trying to get best results. Your comments are so energetic.

Myo Han Htun

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.
I also like your blog design especially Song Hye Kyo pic.


Hi Ko Myo Han Tun,
Your design is good. I am a Software Engineer. But I am not fluent in design just in coding. I think I need to study from you.


Thiha Thit

you stopped writing on your burmese blog?


Мне нравится ваш сайт! Очень!


@ Maykasone, Thiha Thit, Mae and Velkapopo

Thanks for your comments

Myo Han Htun

Ko Myo Han Htun, I’m very proud that you come visiting my site, and you can see ,feel and create what the meaning of art is. Congrat, bro. This Web-design is high-class of formal flows. And That’s the reason why it’s just flawless. I am proud that I’ve known such a person. Keep in touch bro, I wonder why it’s taking you a pretty long time to post a new one, huh? I’m longing for new posts, bro. Take care & Good Luck. 🙂


Thanks Nanda. I also used to visit your site and look at your arts.

Myo Han Htun

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Web Design

About thousand of designs including web designs, web application designs and print designs for companies had been created since 2000.
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Logo Design

I had done so far for logo designs for companies. Beside that, I liked to do icon creation, So far, all work well.
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Cartoon Illustration

Id like to say that drawing cartoon is part of my life. I love reading and watching cute cartoon as the kids do. I was inspired in crating comic character and hope you love my creations.
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There's a subculture out there of people who are obssessed with cereal. That's right, they're called "cereal junkies"
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MYO HAN HTUN My name is MYO HAN HTUN. You can call me my nick name "KO TOE". Currently, I'm working as a Web Designer/Systems Administrator in eLearning Courseware Production Center for online eLearning in one of the Universities in Thailand. I want to say "I am no Leonardo Da Vinci" before you are going to continue reading. But I love to say "I want to do all the way what I can do".

Wonder? I didn't attend the ART School and the computer graphic courses that I had studied were Photoshop and Coraldraw at a computer Center. Since I was a child, I became a self-taught how can I say "self study"? I had studied traditional painting especially in Pencil, Water Color and Oil Painting and worked as a Portrait Painter until late 1999.

I studied for bachelor degree in PHYSICS at University of Mandalay Institue in 1996 and finished B.Sc. PHYSICS in late 2002. I started exploring Computer fields in 1999. I attended and studied some of Computer subjects related to Systems Administration and Programming. I worked as a Computer Technician at DCD, a well known IT Company in Myanmar until 2003 before leaving further studies in Compufield, Mumbai, India. Then I studied Systems and Network Courses especially CISCO and earned Diploma in Network Engineering and certified myself as MCSE, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, MCSA, Microsoft Certified Systems Administration and A+ Certified Professional.

Now, I am working as a head of the section of Web Design/Development and Systems Administration for eLearning Courseware Production. Since 2001, I am working with my younger brother, MYO KYAW HTUN for Educational Software Development, Web Design and Web Devlopment in our spare time

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